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     α€žα€…α₯ာရာဇာေဆးရဢု - Good feedback

I want to know how you take care of whole building to be a none mosquito zone. I want to know what kind of cleaning liuid do you use to clean up the floor and do you use any mosquito spray or what? Read more

     Myanmar Ni Cloud - very poor service and interner line

We contacted 3 days continuously for their service due to internet line cut off however noone come and repair the line. This is service only but their line is cut off many time per month, not only one time per month. Service is poor and lin... Read more

     The Governor's Coffee House - Thanks to Hamid, Modjtahed, Herbert and their friends for recommending the place.

Thank you Hamid Modjtahed, Herbert and Jamila for your good recommendation. A friend of mine wanted to visited the place and they found the comments by Herbert, Hamid Modjtahed, Jamila and others very helpful and the place is as great as re... Read more

     The Golden Gate - Hamid, Modjtahed, bagher, Modjtahedi, Salouma and Hakaki love this place

Hamid, Modjtahed, bagher, Modjtahedi, Salouma, Hakaki and James all love this place. We went there and had a wonderful time. Hamid, Modjtahed, bagher and Salouma took wonderful picture. Very clean and very beautiful. Have good cameras door... Read more

     Tiger Fiber Internet - Service Operation very Slow

5days (30July22 to 3Aug’22) connection out of order and nobody arranged to do service. Till now, our connection still no active. Why do your service never come to do even through we made calls several times? Read more

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